Clinical innovation utilized in Abu Dhabi interestingly saves 85-year-old’s knee

Clinical innovation utilized in Abu Dhabi interestingly saves 85-year-old's knee

The muscular medical procedure group at Sheik Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC) in Abu Dhabi has effectively finished knee substitution a medical procedure on a 85-year-old female patient with a mind boggling case, utilizing negligibly intrusive PC directed innovation. The innovation was utilized without precedent for Abu Dhabi.

The medical procedure was directed utilizing a hand-held PC route framework. This accelerometer route framework helps with hip and knee substitution medical procedures, making them more smoothed out and time effective.

Dr Feras Ya’ish, muscular specialist at SSMC, said: “Our patient experienced issues strolling because of the hefty aggravation in both her left and right knees, and she likewise had extreme joint pain in her right knee. The patient has existing metalwork embedded into her thighbone, which was from a years of age crack that would have made the knee substitution methodology troublesome. She required the medical procedure to reestablish her portability, however her case was extensively unpredictable, which is the reason she was alluded to SSMC.”

Another test

An auxiliary test was that the patient is of an old age with prior comorbidities, including ischemic coronary illness, lung sickness, and renal disappointment. To guarantee greatest advantage from the knee substitution, the patient’s knee was at first infused for impermanent relief from discomfort for half a month, which additionally reestablished a specific level of portability. When the aggravation improved, the patient’s strolling improved, which was a key sign that playing out the knee substitution medical procedure would be viable in working on her general portability.

Another component the specialists expected to consider was the current presence of metalwork in the patient. The standard cycle of a knee substitution medical procedure requires the position of metalwork to be utilized as an aide inside the waterway of the bone. In this present patient’s case, this wasn’t possible because of the current metalwork. Eliminating the primary arrangement of metalwork would have introduced a critical danger of the bone breaking where the metal was arranged, as the patient is osteoporotic and this would have likewise necessitated that the patient go through a subsequent medical procedure, which, given her age and prior conditions, was not suggested.

‘Most ideal choice’

“The most ideal choice for her was to do the knee substitution while keeping the current metal. This was the best impetus for us investigating the hand-held accelerometer gadget, as it doesn’t need infiltration of the bone, which is a lot more secure for patients, particularly the individuals who are more seasoned. It additionally gives exact bone cuts and bone arrangement, which is research-demonstrated,” Dr Ya’ish said.

Fast a medical procedure

“Applying the gadget ordinarily requires around four minutes, and we applied it on the actual knee, moving it as the innovation took in the direction of the issue that remains to be worked out us the arrangement where the bone should have been cut, without breaking or infiltrating the actual bone. From slicing to dressing, the medical procedure required one hour and ten minutes, and was a triumph. The patient had the option to stand the exceptionally following day and was strolling quite soon.”

In a good place again

The patient was under the watchful eye of a multidisciplinary group at SSMC and is currently strolling freely with the help of a mobile guide.

The hand-held accelerometer innovation is accessible at SSMC and will keep on being used for complex cases in comparative patients.

SSMC is one of the UAE’s biggest clinics for genuine and complex consideration and a joint-adventure association between Mayo Clinic and Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA).

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