The creator of McAfee Anti-Virus committed suicide

John McAfee, a U.S. technology entrepreneur and creator of McAfee Anti-Virus, has committed suicide in prison. He committed suicide in a Spanish prison on Wednesday. He committed suicide after a Spanish court allowed him to be extradited to the United States in a tax evasion case, Reuters reported.

McAfee founded McAfee under his own name in the 1980s. Then in 2011 he sold McAfee to another technology company, Intel. Since then he has not been involved in any business.

The 65-year-old businessman from the United States is known for his whimsical behavior. McAfee wanted to help Cuba use cryptocurrencies to avoid US trade sanctions. He also admitted to tax evasion in the United States. In 2019, he said he had not paid taxes in the United States for eight years for ideological reasons. He then left the United States to escape justice. Since then, McAfee has been living in a luxury boat. He was accompanied by his wife Janice McAfee, two security guards, seven staff members and his four dogs.

According to CBC News, a tax evasion case was filed against McAfee in the US state of Tennessee in October last year. He was also charged in New York with cryptocurrency fraud.

McAfee was arrested at Barcelona airport in Spain in October last year and sent to prison. He was then tried in a Spanish court. He will be extradited to the United States, the Spanish High Court said on Wednesday. Authorities in Spain are investigating whether he committed suicide or for what reason.

After his death, McAfee’s lawyer, Javier Villallaba, said there was no reason to keep McAfee in prison. He has been the victim of Spain’s brutal system.

McAfee had earlier attended a court hearing in Spain last month. He told the court at the time that if he was found guilty in a US court, he would have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

“Injustice is happening in the United States,” McAfee said. I hope the Spanish courts see it. The United States wants to use me as an example. “

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