The reckoning of Eid pictures has started

Censors are expected to submit on Monday. Before that, last Thursday, actress Vidya Sinha Mim suddenly informed on Facebook, ‘Paran is coming this Eid, in the theater next to you.’ Paran film director Raihan Rafi also said that this film directed by him is coming on Eid. However, the only film that has been registered with the Producers and Distributors Association till Thursday for Eid release is ‘Din: The Day’. Apart from the two films, the names of a few more films are being heard, which are likely to be released on Eid. He has ‘inner soul’, ‘gangster’, ‘live’.

Holy Eid-ul-Azha in the second week of July. Every year there is an unwritten competition to release pictures during the two Eids. Although it has not been seen yet, it will be frozen in a week or two, said Soumendra Roy, office secretary of the Producers and Distributors Association. He said on Sunday that the reckoning has not started yet. It could start this week, otherwise the competition will definitely be visible next week.

‘Paran’, made in 2019, was supposed to be released on Valentine’s Day next year. But did not. Then the release date of the film was postponed a few more times. Now it is heard that ‘Paran’ will be released next Eid-ul-Azha. Director Raihan Rafi said that there is no uncertainty about the release date this time. He said, ‘The film was captured by Corona at the end of production. It was intended to be released on Eid-ul-Fitr this year. But on Eid, my one-time chief assistant director M Rahim’s ‘Shan’ was released. For this reason, I postponed the release. ‘Shan’ is also a picture of my family. ‘

The director said that the story of this film has been written inspired by a widely discussed fact that happened in Bangladesh. He did not disclose any incident. Mim is the main character in this movie. His latest film ‘Padmapatar Jal’ was released during Eid festival in 2015. The actress is very happy with the news of the release of the movie at the big festival after seven years. Mim said, ‘Sometimes my picture was not released on Eid for many years. Apart from that, the release date of the film has been delayed several times. Going to be released at the festival. Feeling very good. The result of waiting is good. ‘ Shariful Raj, Yash Rohan and others have also acted in the film along with Mim.

When the news of the release of two movies starring Shakib Khan was heard, it was reported yesterday that there is a possibility of releasing one movie this Eid, not two. That one picture is Wazed Ali Sumon’s ‘Antaratma’. However, Ashiq Rahman, CEO of RTV, the production company of ‘Leader: I am Bangladesh’, said, ‘We made the film on a big budget. Made the whole movie without shooting two songs. Shakib Khan said that he would shoot the song soon after returning from the United States. That’s the way it goes. Because, it would not be right to release such a big budget picture without Eid festival.
Although there is no information about the release in the list of Bangladesh Film Producers and Distributors Association, director Shamim Ahmed Rony said that his ‘Live’ is coming this Eid. This film directed by him also got censor clearance two months ago. Its production company is Shapla Media. Ronnie said that the decision to release another film from the company called ‘Gangster’ on Eid has been finalized. We are ready for Eid. The film stars Simon Sadiq in the lead role. Talking about it, he said, it is better to have two pictures and not one on Eid. But if the producer wants, it is different. Mahiya Mahi has acted opposite Simon Sadiq in two films.,55218235.html

Regarding Eid pictures, Iftekhar Uddin Nowshad, owner of Madhumita Hall, said, “After many days, I got good response from Eid pictures. If good movies are released consistently, more viewers will come. The movie will turn around. ‘
However, the number of halls should be increased along with the new films, said the leader of the show. Earlier, at the time of release, the table collection would have gone from 60-70 lakhs to crores of houses. Half of the investment would have come up before the release.
Producer and director Matin Rahman also thinks that there will be more discussions about Eid-ul-Azha movies in the future. He said, ‘After a long time, last Eid, the audience watched the movie with joy. The directors and artists of the upcoming Eid films are also proven to the audience. So the interest in the pictures, the discussion seems to be more. However, if the number of halls was increased, the participation of spectators would have increased.

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