Pennsylvania gasoline prices hit new record Friday while diesel fuel prices also higher than ever

Average gasoline prices in Pennsylvania jumped to a new record high of $4.46 a gallon on Friday, up 5 cents from the previous day and 17 cents in a week, while the price of diesel fuel hit its fourth consecutive daily record high, according to AAA.

The previous record high for gasoline in the state was $4.44 a gallon set in early March.

The latest price is about 47% higher than the average of $3.04 a year ago, according to AAA.

While the gasoline price surge affects nearly all consumers immediately, the surge in diesel prices represents a worrisome indicator for future consumer prices. Most goods — and even gasoline itself — are transported to the places they are sold in trucks that use diesel fuel.

AAA said the average price of diesel fuel his $6.19 on Friday, up 19 cents in three days and more than 80% higher than the $3.43 a gallon price a year earlier.

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association President and CEO Rebecca Oyler said of the diesel price surge,

“Ultimately, it is the general public that pays the cost, through higher priced goods, and sometimes through the unavailability of trucking companies that can’t afford to drive.”

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