Maybe PK is surviving in Barca because of that Shakira!

Barca star Gerard Pique broke off an 11-year relationship with Colombian pop star Shakira last month. Meanwhile, coach Xavi Hernandez has said that Barcelona does not need him anymore. PK has become emotionally upset after being pushed by a couple. He who lost the attack of the opponent in front of him, is now losing the food of life.$QDzct

The deteriorating relationship with Shakira was having an impact on Pique’s football. Separation with the club can prevent the separation with Shakira!
Barcelona president Joan Laporta said Pique’s mental state was rapidly deteriorating. The son of the house also gave the message to stay by his side in such a difficult time. “PK is in a lot of trouble,” said the Barcelona president. As far as it seems, we can give money, fame to our favorite players. But not everything. PK is also a man and a very good man. One of our most successful captains. Just as the club has given a lot to PK, PK has also given a lot to the club. ‘

Despite the separation, neither Shakira nor PK made any complaint against anyone. Barca officials now aim to give PKK peace of mind. “The situation that PK is going through is not at all desirable,” Laporta said. It is difficult to stay away from children at such a young age. Pick deserves respect and love from fans and admirers. It is not right to give too much importance to any news which can make PK bad in human eyes. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. ‘

The Barą¦¾a president added: “I am lucky to know him personally. He is a man to me first of all. A great man has to deal with this situation. We want to help him. We want to keep him safe with the love he deserves. ‘

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