Following Mourinho again

Mourinho has pulled Matic in the team again

Name? Nemania Matich. Country? Serbia. Identity? Defensive midfielder. Former club? Manchester United. Current club? AS Roma.

However, at this stage of his career, Matic’s other identity can be enhanced by printing these — he is Jose Mourinho’s favorite! The 33-year-old Serbian midfielder, who has signed for a new club under Jose Mourinho three times in a row, has changed clubs following Mourinho. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl of Portugal.

Following Mourinho again

Matic has recently signed a five-year deal with Manchester United. He was ready to enroll in another club without any transfer fee. AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho, the recent UEFA Conference League winner, has taken advantage of this opportunity. How could Mourinho miss out on this opportunity to bring his favorite student to the team without any transfer fee!

Matic has signed a one-year deal with Roma. Matic had previously signed for Mourinho Chelsea in 2014 and Mourinho for Manchester United in 2016. The midfielder, who won the league at Chelsea under Mourinho, is changing the country for the first time after playing in the Premier League for eight consecutive years. Although Manchester United have not won anything in five years

Interestingly, Matic was a Chelsea youth team player. After not getting a chance in the original XI, he signed up for Benfica two years later. Mourinho came to the spotlight.

Matic joined Chelsea in January 2014 for 21 million. Mourinho also brought Matic from Chelsea to Manchester United for Crores 40 million. Only one midfielder has more credit for playing under Mourinho than Matic – Frank Lampard.

Inevitably, after joining Roma, Mourinho has raised the issue in Matic’s interview.

There is also gratitude for the coach from Matic’s voice, ‘Working with him is not always easy. It is also difficult a lot of the time (laughs). But he is a winner. And I want that attitude from my coach. He can spread that demand among the players. ‘

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