Didn’t do anything illegal, claims Picker

Barcelona star defender Gerard Pique has built a bridge between Saudi Arabia and the Spanish Federation to host the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia. As a result, PKK has to face various criticisms considering the conflict of interest. But Gerard Pique claims that he did not do anything illegal.

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With money in mind, the Spanish Federation is interested in hosting the Spanish Super Cup outside of Spain. But according to the previous rules, the two finalists who won the league and the cup would play in the Super Cup. But in order to ensure the play of all the big teams in the league, including Barcelona and Real Madrid, four teams have been formed in place of the two teams in the tournament. According to him, the Spanish Federation will receive a total of 240 million Euros every year if the Super League is held in Saudi Arabia under a 7-year contract. PK gets 10 percent commission. Gerard Pique has claimed that he has done such thing in the interest of the federation and has not done anything illegal.

Pique said Bartomeu, then president of Barcelona, ​​was fully aware of his move. He further added that he did not do this for money. If I wanted, I could spend my whole life lying on the couch without doing anything. But I thought for everyone. The Italian Super Cup was held in Saudi Arabia and for that the Italian Federation received 6 million Euros. The Spanish Federation would also benefit from the change in format. That’s what I wanted.

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