Worse is the Corona situation, the fall in the Asian stock market

Corona infection situation is getting worse in Asia. Which has had a negative impact on the Asian capital markets. The index fell in most of the capital markets on Friday.

Japan’s stock market Nikkei index fell 1.6 percent. The Tokyo Capital Markets Topics Index fell 1.46 percent. The Japanese government declared a state of emergency on Thursday due to a growing contagion of Kovid-19 in the country. In this situation, there is some apprehension about hosting the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Which has affected the capital market. The state of emergency will continue till August 22.

South Korea’s Kospi index fell 1.52 percent. According to local news agency Yonhap, Seoul has set strict social distance rules for four levels from today.

Australia’s main index also declined. The ASX 200 index fell 1.29 percent. Do not have the main effect in this case. Sydney authorities announced earlier this week that the Covid-19 ban would be extended for another week.

China’s capital markets were also on the decline today. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.89 percent. The Shenzhen component decreased by 1.29 percent. However, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index has risen. This index has increased to zero point 75 percent.

Meanwhile, a report by the news agency Reuters said that the US Biden administration would add more Chinese companies to its economic blacklist for alleged human rights violations and high-tech surveillance in Xinjiang, China. Analysts believe that this news will affect the stock market in the coming days.

China’s inflation has risen

China’s consumer price index rose in June. The index rose 1.1 percent in June from a year earlier. This has come up in the official statistics published today. However, this increase is less than what was expected. Earlier, a Reuters poll put the figure at 1.3 percent. Inflation in China’s manufacturing sector rose to 7.8 percent in June from a year earlier.

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