"The U.S. Should Follow Suit — But Won't": Steve Forbes Rips Biden Position On Key Truss Move

In recent years Britain has made ghastly mistakes on energy and the economy; consequently, it has the worst-performing economy among major nations. The Biden Administration seems hell-bent on following this disastrous model.

However, this episode of What’s Ahead lays out the good news: The Sceptred Isle’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, is sharply and dramatically reversing course. Big tax cuts, instead of increases, are being implemented. Encouraging oil and gas production, instead of the hugely expensive so-called renewables, is now the order of the day. The ban on fracking has been lifted. Deregulation is the new mantra, instead of the previous wave of new regulations.

Unfortunately, the U.S. will have to await the 2024 elections to get a new president in the mold of Prime Minister Truss.

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