Planning For And Embracing Bad Markets: A New Reality For This $4 Billion Minnesota UBS Team

Rob Metcalf


Team Name: Metcalf Fredrickson Group

Firm: UBS Private Wealth Management

Senior Members: Rob Metcalf, Judy Fredrickson

Team Size: 9

Location: Wayzata, MN

AUM: $3.8 billion

Background: Metcalf and Fredrickson have worked together for roughly 20 years, since starting in the business at AllianceBernstein and before eventually moving to UBS in 2012. Metcalf is a former lawyer, while Fredrickson spent nearly two decades working as a sales director at Eastman Kodak
prior to switching to a career in wealth management. “I took my business experience and combined it with a much more personal business,” she describes. The vast majority of clients have multi-generational wealth. Beyond coordinating with tax and estate planners, that means the team spends a good deal of time on “educating the younger generation” by facilitating meetings and hosting various events.

Competitive Edge: Both senior partners emphasize a high-energy, proactive approach to dealing with clients that revolves around constant communication, and earlier in the process, a deep discovery process to identify goals and deliver a personalized portfolio strategy.

Judy Fredrickson


Biggest Challenge: “Volatility,” says Fredrickson. “In moments like these it’s important to communicate often with clients and help them navigate the emotional impact of a downturn like the one we’ve just gone through.” With equities at a premium, the partners have insulated portfolios with alternative assets making mostly technical changes while also slowly getting back into fixed income.

Investment Outlook: “I wish I could say we’re out of the woods,” says Fredrickson. Adds Metcalf, “take advantage of the dips and try not to be anxious to chase the market up. Clients should embrace the fact that you are going to have bad markets along the way—they are no fun, but if you planned for it, you will be fine.”


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