WCCO Belting’s CEO Earns Global Ambassador Award

Award from North Dakota Trade Office was presented to Thomas Shorma at Global Business Connections event on May 24.

WAHPETON, ND – WCCO Belting (WCCO) today announced that president and CEO Thomas “Tom” Shorma has earned the Global Ambassador Award from the North Dakota Trade Office (NDTO). The award recognizes an individual or organization that selflessly assists in the promotion of North Dakota products worldwide and helps strengthen the relationships between North Dakota companies and their international partners. The award was presented by Lieutenant Governor Brent Sanford at the awards ceremony held during the organization’s Global Business Connections event on May 24.

“In 2001 when I came back into the family business, WCCO was a small organization comprised of 30 people with an influential board that challenged me to expand the business globally,” said Shorma during his acceptance speech at the event. “Over the years I have spoken to many business leaders and students. I tell them, ‘If you don’t look globally to grow your business, you’re eliminating up to 97 percent of your business potential.’ There are three entities in North Dakota to help with global expansion, including the NDTO that will help generate international business; the U.S. Commercial Service, to help conduct research about potential customers; and the North Dakota District Export Council to help advocate for exporting. These organizations have been instrumental in helping WCCO Belting sell to people across the world.”

As the CEO and president of WCCO Belting, Shorma knew early in his career that he should help grow the North Dakota economy internationally. He was involved when the ND District Export Council was created and served as the chairman of the organization for 16 years. Shorma supported hiring a full-time, state-based trade specialist, and after two years of lobbying, the position was created. North Dakota exporting has grown exponentially because of Tom’s direct involvement promoting what the state can do in the global economy. To view the video and learn more about what makes Shorma a stand-out Global Ambassador, click here.

The North Dakota Trade Office is a membership-based, private/public partnership that provides education, research, advocacy, organization, and leadership so that NDTO members and ND companies can increase exports and grow their international business. 

About WCCO Belting
WCCO Belting is a 68-year-old, family-owned and award-winning custom rubber product manufacturer for the agriculture, light industrial, construction, sand and gravel, packaging and recycling industries worldwide. The company is the value innovator in the global rubber belting industry, engineering custom products using specialized equipment and proprietary processes. WCCO focuses on the technological advancement of each raw material and belt component to provide high value rubber product solutions. Its design and manufacturing expertise are effective in lowering the total cost of ownership of their customers’ equipment. To learn more about WCCO Belting visit www.wccobelt.com.

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