Transportation and Storage of Seamless Steel Pipes

Treat the transport medium of the seamless pipe in advance to avoid corrosion.

More and more industrial enterprises use seamless steel pipes. Some enterprises also find that in the process of using this kind of pipes, there may be a situation of corrosion sometimes. Many people want to know why such a situation occurs. condition, and how to handle it if it is transported corroded is critical.

We also all know that the seamless steel pipe used by most enterprises is composed of two important parts: the conveying sensor and the conveying converter, and there are the original parts for transportation, the electrode coil and the casing.

Industry professionals said that during the transportation of seamless steel pipes, the transmission signal generated is very weak, so it is necessary to ensure that the grounding of key parts of the pipe must be kept unobstructed, and the liquid to be transported must also be conductive. The liquid should not contain more ferromagnetic substances or air bubbles. Therefore, when some companies use pipes, the reason for transportation errors is that on the one hand, the conductivity of the transported liquid is relatively poor, which may lead to unstable transportation of pipes, and on the other hand, the transportation The liquid has not been treated in advance, and contains more ferromagnetic substances or air bubbles. Such a situation will also lead to the occurrence of transportation blockage of the pipe, which will cause deviations in seamless pipe sizes.

Therefore, the advice given by professionals in the industry is that enterprises should process the transported medium in advance before using the pipe transport medium. On the one hand, the conductivity of the medium can be improved by treatment, which can help the pipe to be transported more accurately. On the other hand, the ferromagnetic substance in the medium should be treated in advance, so as to avoid excessive impurities on the pipe. The transportation process leads to a larger impact. In addition, when installing black steel seamless pipes, you should stay away from some places with vibration, or away from some places with strong magnetism, and avoid pipes, because improper installation will lead to errors in the transportation of pipes. As long as the above aspects can be guaranteed, the reliability of the pipe is basically very stable.

When storing seamless steel pipes, first of all, we need to choose a suitable place. We should consider the corrosion of steel pipes by some external factors, so the place must be clean, dry and ventilated, and there is no harmful gas; secondly, weeds, etc. The debris should be removed in time, and the outer surface of the steel pipe should be kept clean. If there are acid and alkali salts in the warehouse, it is easy to react with the steel pipe and cause the steel pipe to corrode, so try to cut it as much as possible and do not let it touch. It is best, for those metal products with higher prices, consider putting them in a warehouse for good preservation, preferably a sealed warehouse.

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