The CEO of Netflix did not respond to BGMEA’s letter

David Sharon’s French film ‘The Last Mercury’ was released on July 30 on the world famous streaming platform Netflix. Farooq Hassan, president of BGMEA, an organization of ready-made garment owners, wrote a letter to Netflix chief executive (CEO) Ted Anthony Sarandes last month objecting to a dialogue in the film. However, a month later, the Netflix CEO did not respond to the letter.

The BGMEA president wrote letters to Netflix CEO David Sharon, the film’s director David Sharon, the Bangladesh government’s foreign secretary, information and broadcasting ministry secretary, Bangladesh’s ambassador to France, Bangladesh’s ambassador to Washington and the US ambassador to Dhaka. However, like the CEO of Netflix, the director of the film also did not reply to Farooq Hasan’s letter in the last one month.

Farooq Hasan sent a letter to Jean Marine Suh, the French ambassador to Dhaka, on Wednesday as the BGMEA’s objection to the dialogue in the film ‘The Last Merchant’ had not been resolved. There he mentioned, ‘We conveyed our concerns to the CEO and film director of Netflix. But sadly, there was no response from them. The movie is still on Netflix’s playlist. The dialogues of that objection were not removed from the film either. ‘

‘The Last Mercury’ is an action comedy film released on Netflix. The 112-minute film is directed by David Sharon. In a letter to Netflix’s CEO last month, BGMEA claimed that “The Last Mercury” contained Bangladeshi arrogance, anti-Bangladeshi propaganda and insulting dialogue. The main character of the film, The Mist, has made negative comments about Bangladeshi-made clothing in his dialogue, which hurts the feelings and pride of Bangladeshis as a nation.

In a letter to the CEO of Netflix, Farooq Hassan further mentioned that there was a dialogue in the film, ‘Yes, bulletproof taxedo, made in France. I would be dead if it was Bangladesh. ‘Which means’ bulletproof’ in France. If it had been made in Bangladesh, I would have probably died. “

Meanwhile, the BGMEA president sent a letter to the French ambassador to Dhaka as well as the Bangladeshi ambassador to Paris Kazi Imtiaz Hossain. In both letters, he wrote, “We have taken our garment industry to a unique height in the world. So the insulting remarks about the garment industry have hurt us. We condemn it. “

Farooq Hasan further wrote, ‘The comments made in the film about Made in Bangladesh are completely wrong. Because, Bangladesh does not make bulletproof jackets. The garments we have made over four decades have earned the trust of buyers and consumers around the world with their quality and competitive price. ‘

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