Sidel launches PressureSAFE™

Sidel launches PressureSAFE™ a new safe PET aerosol container offering brands a sustainable and competitive edge.

Sidel launches PressureSAFE™, an innovative PET aerosol container design that will give home and personal care brands the opportunity to offer more environmentally sustainable dispensing spray packaging. This new PET product-packaging solution is approved for the traditional PET recycling stream.

Intended for use with products such as perfumes and deodorants, PressureSAFE™ will offer home and personal care brands a more competitive choice of pressurised container than the traditional metal aerosol container. This will enable these brands to choose PressureSAFE™ so that they can demonstrate their carbon-saving credentials, while responding to sustainability demands of consumers.

A unique and safe PET aerosol container enabling maximum packaging performance

PressureSAFE™ maintains the highest standards of product safety, making PET containers as safe as metal aerosol containers. This innovative design’s name refers to the PET dispensing spray’s resistance to pressure in order to maintain a safe structure, protect against leakages, breakages and roll-out during transportation and storage.

Sidel expects PressureSAFE™ to transform the way that companies specialising in home and personal care products can respond to high consumer expectations, while addressing operational challenges and withstanding extreme supply chain conditions. Sidel’s unique and patented PressureSAFE™ container base design provides maximum packaging performance by combining an optimised preform design and viscosity level with a specific container’s vault shape. This ensures that the final product is fully compliant with FEA and PARG aerosol regulations and material specifications. A specific active mould base solution, Sidel’s proven Base Over Stroke System, provides the on-site production-line blower configuration to produce the desired aerosol spray design. Sidel also offers customers laboratory bench tests to qualify the package’s performance.

Sustainable and competitive design development

Mikael Derrien, Sidel’s Packaging & Tooling innovation manager, said:

“The adoption of PressureSAFE™ aerosol containers enables companies to demonstrate their carbon-saving credentials, reflecting their own environmental commitment, while responding to the sustainability demands of their customers.”

PET is regarded as a viable alternative within the packaging industry due to its competitive, sustainable features. The average PET market price is almost half that of aluminium, in addition PET has a raw material carbon footprint that is also half that of aluminium and is 100% recyclable. PET aerosol containers are recycled within the PET stream.

Enhanced brand image management

Derrien said that Sidel is helping home and personal care companies to take more individual control of their brands: 

“We’ve taken our 30-years of technical design, innovation and packaging experience and translated this into the new PressureSAFE™ product.

The PressureSAFE™ packaging base design combined with a specific mould base system, and the right preform design enables companies to maintain and enhance their competitive edge by being able to offer their customers brand-specific packaging that is safe, robust and environmentally friendly”.

The nature of the PET aerosol container provides companies with greater design opportunities, compared to traditional metal packaging. The essence of PressureSAFE™ is its unique container base design that incorporates brand-specific patented structures. It can be customised with different body designs, including belt and texturing options and a conical or round shoulder. PET transparency also offers consumers direct visibility of the product and enhanced marketing with decorative options such as a partial or full body sleeve.

Sidel can help design a package in-line with any brand through a comprehensive packaging services approach. Every design depends on customers’ packaging requirements specifications, supply chain conditions and product goals.  

Sidel Pressuresafe2, Industry Today

Additional information

PET is 100% recyclable and recycled​ and its carbon footprint is half that of aluminium​: 645g of CO2eq for aluminium vs 380g of CO2eq for PET (for a 150ml Personal care product*).Pressure SAFE resistance has been validated by comprehensive Sidel tests that comply with FARG and FEA protocols for up to 1L containers:

No leakages/breakages, 65°C/pressure with no roll-out
Drop test:​ 1.8m, 55°, up to 18hours
Hot air burst test conditions: 8 bars pressure, 65°C, 5 hours
Ambient air burst test conditions (without breakage & leakage): Breaking pressure > 12bars

The PressureSAFE™ PET aerosol container enables market differentiation when it comes to the shape of the container, providing more design options than metal aerosol container. Base design profiles can be smooth or sharp with special patented structures and styles.PressureSAFE™ features:

Personal care 220 ml, 21g​ (container without valve and cap) ​
1’’ Neck Finish 3.55g, ​suitable for regular valves​
​220 ml container capacity​
​150 ml of product, ​considering high gas pressure​.

Packaging base design and blowing technologies:

A patented container base solution: specific packaging base geometry and specifications to reinforce pressure/temperature resistance using the Sidel Base OverStroke System (BOSS).
Base design: Vault profile with a concave embossed structure.
The base design alternates its close position to the injection gate and standing ring to reinforce resistance
BOSS: active mould base technology, proven for more than 10-years.
It features mechanical forming of the container base: base push-up during the blowing process
Applicable with the latest Sidel blowing machine ranges: SBO EvoBLOW & SBO Universal
Available on small and medium blower ranges
Available on new or existing blowers as a retrofit
Blower configuration: BOSS equipped
It requires a shell mould designed with an integrated cooling circuit ​to maintain blowing process consistency.

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Sidel is a leading global provider of packaging solutions for beverage, food, home and personal care products in PET, can, glass and other materials.

Based on over 170 years of proven experience, we help shape the factory of tomorrow, through advanced systems and services, line engineering, eco-solutions, and other innovations. With over 40,000 machines installed in more than 190 countries, Sidel has 5,000+ employees worldwide who are passionate about providing equipment and service solutions that fulfil customer needs.

We continuously ensure we understand the evolving business and market challenges our customers face and commit to meeting their unique performance and sustainability goals. As a partner, we apply our solid technical knowledge, packaging expertise and smart data analytics to assure lifetime productivity at its full potential.

We call it Performance through Understanding.

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