Ratan Tata shocked the investors of Tata Steel, begun his profession with this organization

Ratan Tata, the former chairman of Tata Sons, started his career with Tata Steel about 57 years ago. Tata Steel is one of the oldest steel companies in the country.

Ratan Tata, the former chairman of Tata Sons Ratan Tata ( Ratan Tata ‘s) on Wednesday, Tata Steel stunned the shareholders. In fact, Tata Steel (Wednesday, Tata Steel had an annual general meeting (AGM) of). There was no program of Ratan Tata’s arrival in it. He reached the company’s 114th AGM suddenly. They were shocked to see the shareholders of the country Tata Steel.

Many shareholders of Tata Steel were stunned to see Ratan Tata. Among them were shareholders who have held shares of Tata Steel for two or more generations. Ratan Tata said that Tata Steel has a special place in his heart. He said that 57 years ago he started his career with Tata Steel. He worked on the shop floor for three years. Since then, he has closely watched the growth of the company.

Tata Steel was established in 1907. It is one of the oldest steel companies in the country. The company has seen many ups and downs in its journey so far. Ratan Tata gave a brief speech in this AGM organized through virtual medium. He praised the leadership of the company. He said that despite the challenges of Corona and lack of demand, Tata Steel has given good results.

Tata Steel has announced a dividend of Rs 25 per share to its shareholders. Ratan Tata said that it is for those shareholders who stood by the company. He said that he would be happy with this dividend. Tata Steel has posted an operating profit of Rs 30,892 crore in FY21.

In his brief speech at the AGM, which was held virtually, the octogenarian appreciated the company’s leadership for its financial performance in fiscal 2021. He said that despite Covid challenges and drop in demand, Tata Steel achieved strong results and commended the move to disburse the highest-ever dividend.

Tata Steel will pay a dividend of Rs 25 per fully paid share. Shareholders, who have stood with the company, will be happy, he said.
The Tata patriarch said the company holds a special place in his heart. He recalled that he began his career in Tata Steel 57 years ago, working on the shop floor for three years, and has watched the company grow since then.

Before Tata’s address to the shareholders, current Tata Steel chairman N Chandrasekaran said the company is at an important inflection point in its history and has the opportunity to create substantial long-term value for its stakeholders.
“With a stronger balance sheet, an agile team, disciplined operating culture and a strong market environment for steel worldwide, the current financial year has the promise to be spectacularly better than the previous year,” Chandrasekaran said.
Tata Steel recorded its highest-ever free cash flows and operating profit of Rs 23,748 crore and Rs 30,892 crore in fiscal 2021.

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