New Seashell Woodgrain Recycled Poly Lumber Material

Tangent sustainable lumber material now available in seashell woodgrain pattern.

Aurora, Illinois – Tangent Technologies, LLC today announced an all-new beautiful woodgrain pattern for their sustainable recycled HDPE lumber—Seashell. A new look for spring, this color brings fresh opportunity for the outdoor furniture market and other industries that rely on the strength and sustainability of recycled plastic lumber and the aesthetics of natural wood. This woodgrain pattern works beautifully in coastal settings as well as being a contemporary look for the backyard patio.

“Over the last several years we have worked very hard to … create products which will move the overall appearance and visual element of plastic lumber closer to wood and consequently move the category forward,” said Guy DeFeo, CEO and one of the founders of Tangent Technologies.

Tangent is the exclusive manufacturer offering this unique patented woodgrain, creating an alternative material with the strength and sustainability of recycled plastic lumber and the beauty of natural wood. Current woodgrain offerings include Antique Mahogany, Birchwood, Brazilian Walnut, Coastal Gray, Driftwood Gray, Natural Teak and Walnut. With Seashell, there are now eight patented dimensional woodgrain options to choose from.

Tangent thrives on innovation and is continuing to develop new products and colors. During the 2023 season, Tangent plans to release their much-anticipated woodgrain pattern, Weathered Teak.

Whether you’re looking for a residential, commercial or structural application, Tangent alternative materials are proven to perform at the highest level. Tangent Sustainable Lumber is made to withstand the elements, meaning no splintering or peeling, and it’s impervious to moisture. Outdoor furniture made with Tangent will remain beautiful no matter the weather, no matter the conditions, bringing peace of mind home. It is made durable not just against life but in support of life’s messy moments. And we do it all under a legacy that repurposes materials to minimize our trace. Tangent is made to live on.

Tangent, founded in 2003, is the leading supplier of recycled plastic lumber as an alternative material to wood, metal, and other structural substrates in outdoor applications. Our partners are those that demand a combination of strength, durability, and aesthetics. We help you create limitless possibilities by providing the highest performing material available. When it comes to alternative materials, there is no alternative. More information about Tangent and its products is available at

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