New Forensic Technology for the Crime Scene and Lab

DISCOVER, a 2-part solution for the search, detection, and imaging of evidence at the crime scene and in the laboratory.

For crime lab directors and forensic science professionals seeking to increase the quality and quantity of evidence being detected at the crime scene and in the laboratory, DISCOVER is a uniquely versatile workstation that meets the needs of CSI and lab professionals at every stage of the forensic evidence workflow.

A laboratory docking system for the handheld Crime-lite AUTO forensic search and imaging tool, DISCOVER brings the functionality, ease of use, and high quality of results produced by the ‘AUTO’ into the fingerprint laboratory.

Un-docked, the compact Crime-lite AUTO is a handheld search and imaging tool providing 55x wavebands of illumination for the detection of evidence that includes fingermarks; body fluids (blood, semen, sweat etc.); narcotics; accelerants and gunshot residues, etc.

Docked, the Crime-lite AUTO provides the illumination and capture system at the heart of the DISCOVER fingermark imaging workstation. Built to meet the demands of fingerprint photography experts, a selection of slot-in imaging and illumination modules further benefit the examiner by providing application-specific tools for the visualisation of fingermarks on difficult and hard to image surfaces including bullet casings; smartphone screens; mirrors and other reflective surfaces, etc.

At the crime scene, the Crime-lite AUTO provides investigators with the tools and the confidence required to search for, detect, and capture high quality images of evidence in-situ.

In the forensic laboratory, DISCOVER combines the entire feature-set of the Crime-lite AUTO with the advanced functionality (including evidence-specific modules) to capture and enhance the best possible images of fingerprints on a wide variety of surfaces.

Together, the two systems combine to provide a versatile and cost-effective forensic imaging solution like no other.

DISCOVER, for the Crime-lite AUTO, was officially launched to a select group of forensic examiners as part of the company’s Forensic Webinar Series. To view a recording of the webinar, or to find out more about DISCOVER visit

Visit the DISCOVER webpage: DISCOVER

Find out more about the Crime-lite AUTO: Crime-lite AUTO

About Foster + Freeman
foster+freeman design and manufacture market-leading systems for the forensic examination of questioned documents, the detection and enhancement of latent fingerprints, and for the elemental analysis of trace evidence.

Established in 1978, Foster + Freeman Ltd. has become one of the foremost forensic science equipment suppliers in the world, exporting market leading, and in many cases unique products to more than 150 countries worldwide.

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