Legacy App Modernization for Better Scalability

New robust web-based management information system (MIS) performs the base operations support (BOS) for services contract.

Customer Background

Our client provides support, management and consulting services worldwide. They have designed a robust web-based management information system (MIS) to perform the base operations support (BOS) services contract. They are using a mobile application that provides continuous real-time access to contract deliverables, reports, operating procedures, cost and invoicing reports as well as digital dashboards. It also enables our client to provide its customers with the necessary information for future maintenance and enhancement.


Our client has an application that provides performance evaluation of their contractors’ performance. However, the app ran primarily on the Microsoft ASP.NET framework. This limited the company’s ability to scale its business processes. Moreover, maintenance was a challenge as it was expensive. There were several other challenges including:

Complex source code written with hardcoded conditionsDiscrepancies between source code and FRD approved by the clientDiminishing resources for legacy technologyLack of expertise around existing databaseRisky traditional development and higher maintenance requirements


After a thorough consultation, our team of experts suggested that the app required a highly resilient digital ecosystem to remove old redundancies. Hence, our developers worked closely to modernize their legacy app. Based on the assessment, the team crafted a migration strategy for replacing or refactoring outdated server-side code and business logic with modern code/logic. The migration process involved three things:

Migrating the server-side code: The compatibility of the existing application or the newly developed application on .NET MVC 5.2.Transferring the existing data to the cloud: Aiming a seamless and smooth data migration that will copy the current oracle data to the cloud.Updating the framework to include reporting: Exploiting the advantages of modern technologies to add the new report upload feature without having downtime.

The app modernization solution utilized the best practices to power the client’s vision of a highly scalable app. It also helps the client to leverage cloud-agnostic applications to ensure better customer satisfaction while enabling them to be agile. Our approach also allows them to preserve the functionality and interfaces of the existing application while moving towards a foundation for future modernization.


Minimal downtimeIncreased user productivityEnhanced performanceAdvanced securityImproved system reliabilityReduced operating costs


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