Kubotek Kosmos Launches 5.0 Release of CAD Utilities

Software programs rebranded as Kubotek Kosmos and enhanced with updated CAD file support and improved review/reporting capabilities.

MARLBOROUGH, MA—Kubotek Kosmos, a leader in engineering and manufacturing geometric software technology, today announced the 5.0 release of its CAD/CAM software interoperability products: Validate, Revision, Convert, and View. These CAD utility programs utilize proprietary Kubotek Kosmos modeling technology to support transfer of precise CAD data across the manufacturing supply chain. This major release drops the K-Compare and K-Display brand names and provides updates to CAD file readers and user interface improvements. The new software is available for customers to download immediately.

Updated CAD Readers

To assure customers are prepared for any CAD files sent to them, reading of 3D CAD files across all 5.0 Kubotek Kosmos software programs has been updated to support new versions of nine CAD file formats:

Autodesk Inventor 2023

Dassault Systemes (DS) CATIA V5 R2023x

DS V6/3DExperience R2023x

DS SolidWorks 2023

DS Spatial ACIS 2023

PTC Creo 9.0

Siemens Digital Industries Software (SDIS) NX 2206

SDIS Solid Edge 2023

SDIS Parasolid V35

The 5.0 update to these programs provides users the option to review additional metadata, such as text and values related to entities in the original CAD format. Kubotek KeyCreator support has also been updated to the 2023 CKD file format in 5.0 Validate and Revision products.

Validate and Revision Enhancements

The Kubotek Kosmos Revision and Validate products, formerly branded as K-Compare, enable absolute clarity in engineering changes and movement of 3D data with confidence. Both products are able to quickly read the structure of complex 3D CAD models from all major MCAD applications.

Revision report-building has been enhanced with a new annotation function to attach precise angle measurements to sets of points or linear edges on the 3D model. Custom organization of the differences the software finds between revisions of a CAD model has been improved: the user can now select sets of faces of a model in the graphics window to be combined into a single difference for the report.

The 5.0 release of Validate improves support for comparison of point cloud and triangular mesh derivative model data to the original CAD authority model. When the software detects differences, points are now named and listed in the user interface to aid in locating the problem area(s). The tamper- proof validation report has also been enhanced with a PASS or FAIL text note to support search and external automation.

Viewer Enhancements

Kubotek Kosmos View and Convert, formerly branded as K-Display, are easy-to-use, multi-platform applications which allow anyone to open and review nearly any MCAD file and re-publish models to standard formats. The 5.0 release expands the program’s capability to discover assembly structure from 3D models with a new function named BOM. The BOM function automatically creates a table listing/counting unique parts, based on assembly structure in the file or analysis of geometry. Balloon annotations are automatically created pointing to each part occurrence in the file. This capability can save time and potential errors in determining component counts on large assemblies.

The capability of the Convert product to write models to standard CAD formats has been expanded for 5.0 to support saving Parasolid X_T files (Premium level only). The Parasolid format is important as the native B-Rep solid/surface format of popular products such as SolidWorks, NX, Solid Edge, and Mastercam.

Free trials of Kubotek Kosmos software are available. Kubotek Kosmos is also seeking referral partners and qualified resellers for these products. For more information, visit KubotekKosmos.com.

About Kubotek Kosmos
Kubotek Kosmos empowers specialized software to utilize engineering data from numerous sources at high-fidelity and optimal performance. Our applications in manufacturing assure many of the world’s most advanced build-to-print suppliers creating complex aerospace components that precise part definitions are being exchanged correctly between engineering systems. Our flexible direct CAD products are popular in tooling design and unconstrained conceptual modeling. The proprietary multi- platform geometric technology, available for licensing, implements the latest hardware and software standards to speed time to market, reduce costs, and improve quality.

Kubotek Kosmos development and support staff are based in Marlborough, Massachusetts. It operates through a wholly-owned US subsidiary of Kubotek Corporation which is headquartered in Osaka, Japan (7709.T Tokyo Stock Exchange).

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