Jim Kanir Named Chief Revenue Officer

LeanDNA is a leader in synchronizing priorities and execution across supply chain.

Jim Kanir

AUSTIN, Texas – LeanDNA, a leading cloud solution for supply chain execution, today announced the appointment of Jim Kanir as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Kanir’s decades of experience leading sales teams and revenue strategies for enterprise software companies will support the company’s mission to unlock sustainable and resilient supply chain practices that improve manufacturing output and productivity. Kanir will drive the go-to-market strategy, reporting to CEO Richard Lebovitz.

“Jim has demonstrated his value in accelerating growth for Zycus and Coupa, two leaders in enterprise software for the supply chain,” said Richard Lebovitz, CEO of LeanDNA. “He is a strong leader who understands the huge market opportunity for LeanDNA to improve supply chain resilience.”

Most recently, Kanir was Vice President of Sales for Zycus, the global leader in cognitive procurement software. Zycus includes an AI function that takes over tactical tasks and empowers procurement officers to focus on strategy. He was also CRO for ConnXus (acquired by Coupa), a supplier relationship management platform that simplifies the complexities of global supply chains.

“LeanDNA solves a targeted problem that is needed by every global company with a complex supply chain,” said Kanir. “Supply chain leaders are under constant pressure to reduce inventory, manage shortages, and deliver to their customers. The digital transformation provided by LeanDNA empowers them to be agile enough to execute manufacturing plans amidst volatile demand and supply conditions.”

About LeanDNA
LeanDNA is the leading provider in supply chain execution. This cloud-based platform synchronizes execution across the supply chain, empowering manufacturers to prioritize and collaborate to resolve critical material shortages and excesses. LeanDNA improves on-time delivery, productivity, and working capital; customers report an average 14% inventory reduction, 32% shortage reduction, and 18% improvement in on-time delivery in the first year. Learn more at leandna.com.

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