Global Supply Chain Webinar to Showcase Industry Experts

Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions, in conjunction with the Arkansas District Export Council and Blue Tiger International, is sponsoring a webinar titled Global Supply Chain 2022 & Beyond: Freight Disruption & Demand Planning, to be held Sept. 8, 2022, at 1:30 p.m. CDT. A panel of global logistics experts will explore how they have operated their supply chains, managed freight disruptions, adapted procurement processes and strategized demand planning under volatile conditions ever since the first disruptions caused by the pandemic.

The webinar is free, and all professionals in supply chain management, trade compliance, purchasing or global trade and logistics are welcome. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to the panelists, both during the session and afterwards by contacting the speakers directly. 

Speakers include the following experts:

Thomas Cook, managing director of Blue Tiger International, an international business consulting company for supply chain management, trade compliance, purchasing, trade and disruption management and global business and logistics. With over 30 years supply chain experience, Cook is a member of the New York District Export Council, on the board of numerous corporations and a strategic partner of the Department of Commerce. 

Thomas Cook (Photo courtesy of Arkansas District Export Council)


Jason Manganaro, Vice President of Commercial Technology (Americas) for SPARX Logistics. With a 20 year career in global logistics – including ocean and air freight forwarding, cargo management, consolidation & deconsolidation, warehousing & fulfillment, compliance services and project management – Manganaro currently manages SPARX Logistics’ Commercial Technology division to prompt, develop and commercialize new supply chain technology solutions throughout North, South and Central America. 


Jason Manganaro (Photo courtesy of Arkansas District Export Council)


Joe Mantello, Director of Transportation & Logistics for the Qosina Corporation. Also having over three decades’ experience in global trade and a customhouse broker license, Mantello possesses expertise in both importing and exporting. He currently chairs the Long Island Trade Association, furthering education of and resources for business executives engaged in international trade, and blending both service provider and commercial distributor environments to deliver effective supply chain solutions.

Jason Mantello (Photo courtesy of Arkansas District Export Council)


The Arkansas District Export Council is a private, nonprofit organization of businesspeople from around the world who offer guidance and assistance to international markets. Working alongside individuals of the U.S. Commercial Service in Little Rock, the DEC helps members coordinate with local, state and federally elected officials by keeping all informed about trade policy issues affecting the Arkansas business community. 

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