FLYR Labs Announces Commercial Agreement with Avianca

With the Revenue Operating System® from FLYR, Avianca takes a digital-first approach to optimize commercial performance.

FLYR Labs has announced a commercial agreement with Avianca, one of the leading airlines in Latin America, to enable business-wide revenue optimization. According to FLYR, the agreement will help Avianca modernize commercial decision-making under a unified set of data intelligence, revenue management, and e-commerce capabilities to optimize business results. FLYR’s platform, The Revenue Operating System, incorporates FLYR’s recent acquisitions of Newshore, a current partner of Avianca, and Pribas, which together equip airlines with a modernized end-to-end technology stack.

“For the next step in our transformation journey, we want to lead with a digital-first strategy, with the best customer experience, revenue intelligence, and offer & order management practices in the airline industry on one common platform. Through this partnership with FLYR, we can achieve this using just one modular, cloud-based, state-of-the-art product,” said Manuel Ambriz, Avianca’s chief commercial officer.

Avianca also plans to expand its ancillary portfolio, developing new, simpler products better adapted to customer needs. FLYR’s ancillary optimization solution paired with its latest e-commerce and end-to-end offer, order, retailing, and inventory management capabilities, offers a singular platform to support the entire customer journey while optimizing price and revenue performance throughout.

“We’re incredibly excited to help transform Avianca into one of the most digitally developed carriers in the world,” said Alex Mans, founder and CEO of FLYR. “The infrastructure and solutions provided by our Revenue Operating System platform will quickly modernize decision-making and optimize commercial-wide performance, all while enhancing the customer experience at Avianca.”

With previous generation systems unable to support different channels of interaction throughout the customer journey, a common and modern technology platform is essential to providing a consistent and positive overall experience. With this commercial agreement, Avianca seeks to secure a thoughtful solution that integrates all possible B2C channels, expediting speed to market and creating a frictionless process for its customers.

The Revenue Operating System leverages advanced deep learning technology to provide automated, AI-driven revenue management capabilities that maximize airline profitability and total revenue. With its recent acquisitions of Faredirect, xCheck, Newshore, and Pribas, FLYR is providing airlines with the most modern end-to-end technology stack that meets the needs of an ever-changing business environment.

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