FLIR Discusses Battery Applications on Latest Podcast

Jerry Beeney from FLIR joins MoviTHERM’s podcast, The Thermal Review, for a conversation on infrared technology and Li-ion batteries.

IRVINE, Calif. – The Thermal Review, a podcast about sensing, imaging, and automated advancements, recently featured Jerry Beeney, Global Business Director at Teledyne FLIR, for a discussion on infrared thermography and how it is impacting the lithium-ion battery lifecycle. 

The Thermal Review is hosted by MoviTHERM’s finest, David Bursell, VP of Business Development, and Markus Tarin, President and CEO. All three join together for a conversation regarding applications in every stage of the battery lifecycle, from battery development, manufacturing, storage, usage, recycling, and disposal.

Jerry Beeney, who has been working at Teledyne FLIR for over 15 years, focuses on markets and applications related to productivity and quality. Beeney shares how he has seen a growth in demand for high-end thermal cameras in manufacturing spaces working with lithium-ion batteries.

MoviTHERM utilizes Teledyne FLIR cameras to create advanced thermal solutions for a wide range of industries, which include: Automotive, Aerospace, Military and defense, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Packaging, and Waste Management.

“Since thermal cameras basically sense emitted thermal energy or changes in temperature, there’s a significant number of areas throughout the battery life cycle where thermal imaging can support” shares, Jerry Beeney, in the latest episode of The Thermal Review. 

For stages in the battery lifecycle where batteries aren’t active and emitting heat, Markus Tarin shares his knowledge of Active Thermography and how MoviTHERM is using it to create battery inspection applications. By inspecting electrodes before they’re packaged in a battery, defects that could later impair the battery’s performance can be detected. 

You can watch Episode 5 on MoviTHERM’s YouTube channel or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

To contact The Thermal Review for an interview or other queries, email: [email protected]

About The Thermal Review: A new up and coming podcast dedicated to discussing the evolution of thermal imaging applications, with topics on non-destructive testing, cloud-based monitoring, and quality assurance. The podcast is hosted by David Bursell, VP of Business Development at MoviTHERM, and Markus Tarin, President and CEO at MoviTHERM. All audio episodes are available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can find the video version of all episodes on the MoviTHERM YouTube channel.

About MoviTHERM ( MoviTHERM – Advanced Thermography solutions was founded in 1999. The company provides IoT Cloud monitoring solutions for thermal imaging applications for early fire detection, machine     condition monitoring, and other applications. In addition, MoviTHERM offers solutions for plastic welding, package sealing, and non-destructive testing. MoviTHERM is a Teledyne FLIR Premium Partner and master distributor for FLIR Thermal Cameras for automation and science applications.

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