ÉLITER Packaging Machinery to Debut Their New Cartoner

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery to debut their upgraded cartoner which is a continuous cartoning machine with a smart loader system.

While intermittent cartoning machine is not capable of reaching a speed beyond 150 cartons per minute and a continuous motion cartoner is able to deliver that performance however the budget rockets.


The Cresendo Cartoner presented by ELITER Packaging Machinery is installed with a patented smart system of servo-driven synchronous tracking loaders. This is an insertion system with cutting-edge technology that outstrips all the cartoning machines offered on the market in China.

The system replaces the complex barrel cam loaders on a traditional continuous cartoning machine so as to keep the budget affordable while delivering the same level of performance in terms of cartoning automation.

Advantages and Features:

Compact and smart servo-driven synchronous tracking loader system

Maximum Speed of 200 cartons per minute (200 CPM)

An unprecedented CRACK between intermittent and continuous cartoning machines

Ergonomic structure with safety design in compliance with EC standards.

Balcony design for easy accessibility and maintenance

Designed for application at food processing facility

New Approach to Cartoning Packaging Defined

The barrel cam loaders are built on a complex structure and drive the cost of a continuous cartoning machine to an EXTRAVAGANT level.

With CRESCENDO Cartoner, ÉLITER Packaging Machinery defines a new approach to high-speed cartoning packaging automation.

The company has incorporated within the Crescendo Cartoner a smart loader system with advanced servo technology, which enables the precise operation of tracking and synchronization with the cartoner´s bucket conveyor, named by the company the DUET 200 loading system.

¨ We will debut the new model of cartoning machine in June 2023 at China Food Packaging and Processing Exhibition in Qingdao, China.¨, mentioned Zhiwei Bao, the company owner.

About ÉLITER Packaging Machinery
ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is a manufacturer and global supplier of cartoner, overwrapping machine, and wrap-around sleever. To find out more information: www.eliter-packaging.com

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