ELITER Packaging Machinery & SIEMENS Developing Sleever

ELITER Packaging Machinery and SIEMENS cooperates in the R+D+I of Wrap-Around Sleever, expecting to launch the machine by the end of 2022.

ELITER Packaging Machines and SIEMENS China have reached agreement on joint-endeavor in developing the made-in-China Wrap-Around Sleever, which is a specific kind of packaging machinery used to automate the carton sleeving packaging process.

The two companies will be working together from May expecting that the Wrap-Around Sleever can be introduced to the market by the end of the 2022. SIEMENS China will be offering technical support in terms of programming and supplying the related electrical components, while ELITER Packaging Machinery should focus on the mechanical part and coordinate with SIEMENS in terms of functional and technical features.

The Sleever will be developed on total SIEMENS platform with the following major features:

KTP 900 HMISINAMICS V90 Multi-Axis Logix ContollerSIMOTICS S Servo Drivesetc…

Zixin Yuan, marketing coordinator of ELITER Packaging Machinery said, “China’s food industry has been growing conspicuously during the recent year with the market volume of ready meals and self-heating foods upsurging. Cardboard or paperboard sleeve packaging is the most common form of package used for these products, however, carton sleeving automation solutions fall behind of the growing market demand given the fact that food manufacturing companies still rely on cartoners for carton sleeving, yet the optimum solution should be the wrap-around sleever. The market is looking forward to a made-in-China Wrap-Around Sleeving solution to meet their expectation.”

About ELITER Packaging Machinery
ELITER Packaging Machinery is a family business in the packaging machinery industry. Packaging automation solutions by ELITER currently cover secondary packaging including cartoning and overwrapping.

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Zixin Yuan
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