Dr. Jonathan Bradshaw, Sporting Dog Veterinarian – a Concierge Approach for a Higher Standard of Care

For sporting dogs and the people who love them, their work isn’t your average game of fetch – and when it comes to taking good care of those hard-working pups, Dr. Jonathan Bradshaw, DVM, isn’t your average veterinarian.

Raised in Searcy, Bradshaw spent his childhood hunting alongside his brother, father and a gaggle of duck dogs. Although he welcomes patients of all types in his practice, Bradshaw specializes in sporting breeds, which allows him to bring a concierge approach to veterinary care.

“Since I’m seeing similar problems over and over, I’m able to treat those issues better each time,” Bradshaw said, “and I can spot things sooner than other vets.”

Another thing that sets Bradshaw apart is his accessibility. In addition to full-service offices in Little Rock and Arkadelphia, Bradshaw travels throughout the state to provide care at various kennels. He prides himself on being available after-hours to address the concerns that owners have. As an active outdoorsman himself, Bradshaw is usually nearby and able to meet his patients wherever they are.

One important aspect of Bradshaw’s work is education and outreach. Whether in-person or on his YouTube channel, Bradshaw teaches owners about preventative measures and first-aid that can be lifesaving on a hunting trip or during a competition.

Bradshaw also works to improve other vets’ knowledge of sporting breeds. “A lot of owners might feel nervous or even guilty about telling a vet that they let their dog run into ice-cold water, for example,” he said, “but they shouldn’t feel that way. It’s what these dogs love to do.” Bradshaw wants to expose more vets to the unique care that sporting dogs need so that they can provide better treatment across the board.

Reproductive-based services are another major part of the practice’s work. That includes providing certifications from the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals ensuring the health of a dog’s hips and elbows, as well as utilizing advanced reproductive techniques to help breeders raise the healthiest dogs possible.

For older dogs whose competition or hunting days are behind them, Bradshaw’s focus is on longevity and quality of life. After years of physically demanding work, he wants to make sure that retirement is comfortable for these dogs who have given so much to their owners.

Perhaps most importantly, the people who bring their dogs to Bradshaw know that they are in good hands. Bradshaw has got his finger on the pulse (and his boots in the water) when it comes to sporting dogs, and it shows.

To find out more about Dr. Bradshaw or get in touch, visit his website. Also be sure to check out Dr. Bradshaw’s YouTube channel.

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