Cardo Crew Comm-Set Awarded Highest PPE Certification

Cardo Crew’s award-winning Mesh wireless intercom device for professional teams achieves outstanding results and highest certification.

Boston, MA and Tel Aviv, Israel — Powered both by Bluetooth® and by Cardo’s proprietary Dynamic Mesh Communications (DMC™) technologies, Cardo Crew’s Comm-Set is now certified as having the comprehensive hearing protection classification in its class for PPE. Comm-Set provides the most advanced wireless communication technology on the market today.

Comm-Set wireless mesh headset has improved the way teams on the go interact with increased safety, reliability, and performance. This PPE headset was designed and developed for professional teams: arborists/tree care, construction, industrial, first responders, commercial or residential landscape teams, or any professional teams that require reliable communication in challenging jobsites or environments.

Comm-Set (Headband & Helmet-mount) achieved the following exceptional results and is recognized for its full PPE certification across within these global continents.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR, Europe): 32dB for Headband, 29dB for Helmet-Mount.Noise Reduction Rating (NRR, USA): 26 dB for Headband, 23dB for Helmet-Mount.CSA (Canada): Class AL (highest) for both Headband and Helmet-Mount.AS/NZS* (Australia/New Zealand): 30dB, Class 5 for Headband, 26dB, Class 5 for Helmet-Mount (*tested and fully complied by an accredited lab).

As Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Comm-Set provides the best possible levels of noise attenuation to ensure hearing protection to working teams, especially those working in noisy, sometimes hazardous environments. Comm-Set’s situational awareness capability, which delivers its unique Level Dependent (aka “Listen Through”) feature automatically reduces impulse noises while allowing ambient noise, including amplification of the human voice to come through, which is perfect for risky situations.

”The protection of working teams and employees is a top priority of Cardo Crew. Even with the PPE certification process being long and very thorough, Comm-Set received the highest of accolades,” said Shachar Harari, VP Business Development & Head of Cardo Crew. The PPE certification covers three world regions: North America including USA (ANSI) & Canada (CSA); Australia/New Zealand (AS/NZS); and Europe (EN352).

“It is, therefore, obvious why we’re so very proud to announce that Comm-Set met the highest bar with outstanding results. We are pleased Comm-Set gained a Certificate that covers three continents,” continued Harari. Comm-Set underwent thorough testing against the European EN-352 standard, in three classifications: Hearing protectors – earmuffs; Hearing protectors – earmuffs attached to a safety helmet and Hearing protectors – Level Dependent earmuffs.

These highest-level testing results add now to Cardo Crew being awarded the Technology Innovation Award in the category of Global Group Communication Technology in Noisy Environments from industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, acknowledging Comm-Set for its crucial communication safety overall, including transmission clarity.

With its robustness and ruggedness, extensive range and exceptional coverage, Cardo’s rich features enhance communication safety and personal protection and redefines the boundaries of short-range wireless communication. Cardo Crew will continue to focus on the system’s excellence in performance and safety alike.

About Cardo Crew
Cardo Systems specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and sale of state-of-the-art wireless communication and connectivity systems for motorcycle riders, work-team, and outdoor-sports. Since inception in 2004, Cardo has pioneered the vast majority of innovations for Bluetooth motorcycle communication systems. Drawing on this rich history of innovation, Cardo has broadened the business into the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) market with the establishment of the Cardo Crew business line, including Cardo Crew PRO-1 embedded communication modules for use in the design of safety helmets, earmuffs, and other protective gear. For more information about Cardo Crew go to

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