BSLBATT Further Home Battery Solutions

Leading lithium battery manufacturer BSLBATT launches a residential 20 kWh off grid home solar battery solution.

As a specialist in the field of energy storage, BSLBATT proposes a further solution in the field of residential energy storage: 20 kWh off Grid Home Battery — Big House, Big Power

As a specialist manufacturer of lithium storage batteries, the most important advantage that BSLBATT can bring to its customers is to meet the electricity needs of a wide range of customers. Based on customer feedback and BSL’s findings, they found that homeowners in North America, as well as Central America (the Caribbean, etc.), prefer larger battery storage systems (over 10kWh) for their off-grid needs, so BSL manufactured and designed the new 20kWh off-grid home battery to meet the needs of this segment of customers!

The 20kWh off-grid home battery uses LiFePo4 battery technology and the system is very easy to install and maintain thanks to the possibility of combining modules and their automatic identification. The reliable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery technology ensures maximum safety and longer service life. 

It is scalable to the actual home energy usage, with a maximum storage capacity of 120kWh, making it the best choice for residential and business solar storage. With inverter connections, the off-grid battery system allows new and existing residential solar owners to store excess solar energy for nighttime use, maximizing their solar investment while increasing energy security and independence. In addition, BSLBATT offers an optional smart management system that allows for remote battery status monitoring and adjustment for real-time power demand.

Because of the large capacity design, the 20kWh off-grid home battery weighs 210kG. Many customers have asked us that the increase in battery capacity doubles the weight, making it very difficult to move the energy storage system. Therefore, to solve the problem faced by our customers, we used rollers on the bottom of the off-grid solar system battery to make the battery easy to move and transport.

In the Caribbean, stable power is the primary need, and while there is sufficient power during the day with solar panels, in areas where extreme weather is common, a constant 24-hour power supply becomes a challenge. The manufacturers of BSLBATT Lithium have also recognized the problem and offered corresponding 20kWh backup batteries for home solutions.

Bslbatt Battery Specifications, Industry Today

Although off-grid is still a very distant term for many, it will become a basic way of life for more and more people in the near future, so homeowners should choose the right Off Grid Solar Battery for their situation.

Is it profitable to invest in home batteries?

Yes, investing in a home battery will provide a real financial benefit to the homeowner. Although the start-up capital is much higher, a battery-equipped PV system will only start generating income after a year or two compared to an installation without such equipment. However, customers who choose these solutions can reap many benefits that are not available to homeowners without home batteries.

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