Big industrial entrepreneurs in fear

Another lockdown was announced. However, the entrepreneurs claim that this lockdown will put the big industries in trouble.

1.Pran-RFL worried about mango and milk collection.

2.Berger Paints plans to understand the demand.

3.The rod factory may be half closed.

Another lockdown has been announced. As soon as such restrictions were announced, everyone from small businessmen to big entrepreneurs got frustrated. Because, the big companies are thinking about whether the factory will be kept open during the lockdown or whether the production will be the same even if it is kept open. According to him, they are now thinking of reducing the production of products by understanding the demand of the consumers.

Lockdown has been going on for a long time in the last one year to deal with corona infection. The big industries have suffered from this. The announcement of a new lockdown has put them in a new predicament.

In the context of the announcement of the new lockdown, big industrialists and senior officials of various sectors made such statements while talking to Prothom Alo. Large industries say they plan to reduce manpower, shifts and production lines. Readymade garment owners have already announced to keep the export-oriented factory open. Now let’s see what the rest of the big industrialists are thinking.

Pran-RFL Group is a big name in the consumer goods market in the country. The industry has been doing business efficiently in the agro-processing sector. Now is the mango season. Mangoes have to be collected and stored. The company fears that the collection of mangoes from the orchards will be disrupted due to the lockdown. The Pran-RFL group regularly collects milk from 15,000 farms. It is believed that the lockdown may also be disrupted.

Kamruzzaman Kamal, director (marketing) of Pran-RFL Group, told Prothom Alo, ‘There could be problems in mango and milk collection. Our production continues during the lockdown. However, if the lockdown or movement is limited, the consumer demand for various products including milk, eggs, soft drinks decreases. As a result, the shift of production in the factory, the production line has to be reduced. ‘

Kamruzzaman Kamal said that Pran-RFL Group’s factories are operating in 16 places across the country in full compliance with the hygiene rules. About 1 lakh 10 thousand workers work in these factories.

Berger Paints Bangladesh is a big name in the realm of color. This multinational company is the oldest company in the country’s paint market, with 3,000 distributors across the country. This company is also a bit uncomfortable in Corona. In April-May last year, Berger Paints provided cash assistance to painters who became unemployed during a severe lockdown to prevent coronary heart disease.

Business has slowed down a bit in the last one year due to the two pushes of Corona. Therefore, understanding the demand, Berger Paints Bangladesh is advancing with the strategy of color production.

Asked how the situation would be handled during the new lockdown, Rupali Chowdhury, managing director of Berger Paints Bangladesh, said, “Life comes first. Need to arrange a quick ticker. As the scope of the vaccine grows, so will trade and the economy. Companies like Berger Paints may survive with a one-year loss. But small entrepreneurs will be beaten. ‘

Rupali Chowdhury further said that it was going well till June after overcoming the corona. Now there was fear again. If such a lockdown is given, no organization has a plan and goal. However, Berger Paints will remain flexible and will produce and supply products according to demand.

The demand for rods in the country is met by local producers. Rods of some companies are being exported abroad. There are now 30 to 35 large rod manufacturing factories in the country. They are suffering because of corona. Talking to stakeholders in the sector, it was learned that the price of scrap raw material in the international market has doubled in the last one year. The price has gone up to ৬ 800 per ton. Due to this rod manufacturers do not have much stock of raw material.

AK Masadul Haque, Founder President of Steel Manufacturers Association, said that the rod manufacturers are already in crisis. To whom will the rod be sold during the lockdown? So more than half of the companies will be closed or production will be reduced. Large companies do not have one month’s stock. So they will not show interest in production now.

The cement sector is also in trouble. MI Cement Factory has the capacity to produce an average of 11,000 tons per day. According to a responsible source of the company, they will understand the market demand during the lockdown and produce products. In the monsoon season, the demand for cement decreases and the production also decreases. Now there is a fear that it will sink due to the lockdown.

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