A Day in the Life: Madison Hedrick, Senior Medical Writer

The 2020 pandemic caused many Arkansans to branch out and try new jobs and hobbies. This series will help readers better understand a day in the life of certain career fields based on an interview with someone in that field. 

For this segment of “A Day In the Life,” Arkansas Money & Politics sits down with Madison Hedrick, a Senior Medical Writer with Global Clinical Affairs. She has been a medical writer since 2009.

How did you end up working in this position?

I began wanting to be a doctor, was a great writer, and discovered I was not great with patients or bench research. This job was not one I knew of. When I discovered I could work remotely and get paid as much as some physicians, I began to research at American Medical Writers Association, and here I am!

What does a normal day look like for you in this position?

I work remotely for a company of about 1,500 employees worldwide. We create medical devices that go into hearts. I get up between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. CST depending on meetings, and schedule my work day around my kids’ school needs and meetings with Global teams. I write several hours a day and put out fires the rest. My job is to write clinical evaluation reports to get our products licensed and sold in the European Union. They are several hundred pages and require months of work.

What are some skills that someone might need to be good at this job?

You need to be able to work well with other teams, be able to thrive under pressure and work well independently, as well. You must be familiar with medical terminology and medical literature. 

Photo Courtesy: Caroline M. Holt

What advice would you offer to someone interested in doing the kind of work that you do?

Get in touch with me, and check out the American Medical Writers Association and look into their resources.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Writing medical documentation and maybe directing a team.

What are some life lessons or realizations about people or society or in general that you’ve had while in this position, if any?

You should research anything you put into your body. The safety information is out there — look it up and be an advocate for yourself! Also, be kind. Everyone is fighting a silent battle. It helps to be cognizant of that.


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