25 years of age, cost 223 crores

Excessively old. What’s in it? Any individual who hears the cost will be stunned. 223 crore altogether! A particularly costly old boat has been brought to a shipbreaking industrial facility in Sitakunda, Chittagong.

There is no record of bringing in a boat at an exorbitant cost over the most recent multi decade. HM Shipbreaking Industry Limited, an offshoot of Mostafa Hakim Group, the family gathering of previous civic chairman M Manzur Alam, has established a standard of purchasing ships at more exorbitant costs. So far this year, just 11 such old boats have been sold on the planet.

The exporter needed to pay 2 crore 45 lakh 64 thousand US dollars for the import of the boat. In Bangladeshi cash the sum is 206 crore 8 lakh rupees. 14 crore 35 lakh must be paid as obligation. The boat will be sold for a portion of the expense. What is accessible in overabundance of the expense will be recorded in the benefit register.

The name of the oil big hauler is Them Vitality’. The boat is 340 meters in length, very much like a 96-story building. 19 thousand square meters in region. The Copa Am মাঠেrica is about a similar size as the Brazil-Argentina last.

More seasoned boats are sold dependent on the complete iron load of the boat. Two years prior, the Mostafa Hakim Group purchased a comparable boat for Tk 160 crore. Around then the cost of iron was low. Presently, as the cost of iron has gone up on the planet market, comparable boats must be purchased at a greater cost of Tk 43 crore. That is the record.

Fourteen days after the shipment, 500 specialists at HM Shipyard started destroying the boat. It takes around 9 to 15 months to fabricate such a boat. They need to finish the destruction of this tremendous boat inside a year. The boat can be cut and the most iron can be discovered, which is likewise 48,006 tons.

Mostafa Hakim Group Director. Sarwar Alam revealed to Prothom Alo, ‘The dissolving iron of boat breaking is excellent as a crude material in steel plants. HM Steel, dispatched for the current year on the south bank of Karnafuli, and Golden Steel at Sitakunda — these two processing plants will utilize the boat’s liquid iron. The remainder of the items will be sold in the neighborhood market just as some important items like copper, metal, copper will be sent out.

The boat was inherent October 1998 at a processing plant in Japan. The expense of another boat is currently around ৯ 95 million or not as much as Rs 600 crore. Once more, the day by day lease of such a boat is 36 thousand dollars. There are presently 610 such ships occupied with the assistance of shipping products all throughout the planet.

The rear of the old boat has a propeller or fan weighing around 63 tons. This propeller has 33,600 torque (BHP) motor to run it. The propeller can pivot the motor a limit of 60 times each moment. The market worth of this old propeller is still around 5 crore rupees. Regardless of whether the motor can’t be utilized, it tends to be sold at an excellent cost. Again there are five generators to run the motor. They might be sold as generators. There are numerous important items in the boat.

A couple of years after its development, the boat was in the possession of Bahri, a Saudi oil transportation organization. Such ships are known as ‘enormous rough transporters’ or huge boats for shipping fuel. It used to run in the sea with fuel oil. In the wake of filling three lakh huge loads of fuel oil with full limit, the boat would be 22 and a half meters underneath the water. That is old data now.

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