Pay to develop the price of the animal bought at the online market

If you buy a sacrificial animal online, you can pay the price through development. This information was given in a press release on Sunday. Besides, if you take the service of processing and delivering meat, you can also pay for the development.

This development service will be available in a total of 11 online markets across the country. Of these, cows and goats from Daraj, or, Priyashop, Garur Hat and Sadiq Agro’s Online Hat, only cows and goats from today’s Deal and BD Garu Hat and only goats from Jogan, Hungrinaki and Khashi Hat will be applicable.

Customers can choose the animal by visiting the relevant link or website of the online hats. Animals are also being verified by phone or video call with the seller. Buyers will pay the price after confirming about the animal from the website.

If you want to bring live animals home from the online market, you can take home delivery through the truck based online truck supplier. In addition, various online platforms are offering butcher benefits. The cost of these services can be paid for in development.

According to the bKash authorities, bKash is offering this service to make it easier to buy human sacrificial animals in Corona. However, in this case, if the customer suffers from the product, he has to settle it through the relevant website.

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