OP-ED: Fear or get ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

We are living in a period of interruption where things are changing quick to such an extent that next to no is an ideal opportunity to acclimate to one change in innovation, before another goes along. We are continually attempting to keep up in light of the fact that mechanical advancements are basic not exclusively to improve intensity yet additionally make organizations feasible.

In the 21st century the same old thing is not any more an alternative as maintainability has progressively become a critical piece of it. Manageability in business is broadly known to manage human and natural contemplations where laborers, bosses, purchasers, buyers and partners cooperate to accomplish the ideal flourishing and shared advantages of all.

However, manageability of an industry can’t be resolved simply by the human contemplations. Guaranteeing mechanical intensity and development are likewise basic mainstay of supportability that guarantees financial feasibility of business.

Over the previous decade Bangladesh gained huge headway in changing its clothing industry as far as security, remediation of plants, limit working of establishments, and working on specialists’ privileges.

Bangladesh has altogether moved towards cleaner and greener assembling as of late. The nation is the home of the greatest number of green piece of clothing processing plants on the planet. We have 144 LEED industrial facilities confirmed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) of which 41 are Platinum, 89 Gold, 12 Silver, and 3 confirmed production lines. 39 out of 100 highest level green processing plants are situated in Bangladesh.

Yet, the advancement of the business as far as seriousness, effectiveness and development stays unimportant. The fourth modern transformation (4IR) is changing the scene of worldwide economy and industrialization specifically, Bangladesh can’t be left alone. The utilization of current innovation is essential in expanding our intensity.

Maintainability and digitalization are interlinked and incredibly supplements one another. Brilliant production network the executives is likewise an extraordinary method to become asset effective, climate agreeable, cost competitiveand maintainable over the long haul.

Mechanization and inventory network digitization, particularly the utilization of cutting edge information investigation, computerized reasoning, IOT and Blockchain, are useful asset for us in this basically associated world and vital for us to further develop lead time, usefulness and intensity.

Simultaneously worldwide purchasers are searching for more practical assembling sources, which are asset effective. Without the utilization of innovation, ideal utilization of water, energy and different assets can’t be guaranteed. Subsequently, we need to rouse the utilization of fourth era innovations in our production network.

One of the significant worries of digitalization in a crowded nation like Bangladesh is its effect on work market. However much we are saying robotization is significant, we are similarly worried about positions and vocations.

Glancing through the focal points of the RMG business, the whole assembling measure can’t be supplanted by machines and we will expect people to in any case run critical pieces of the activities. We consider this to be a chance to create more up to date abilities.

In the event that proficiency and seriousness can be upgraded, it will surely produce more business, which would require greater work in labor-escalated fabricating. Truth be told, innovation redesigns will open up numerous new positions, particularly to work the high level machines and cycles.

The 4IR is dreaded to get unfavorable outcomes on female work low-gifted classes specifically. In reality, it’s a significant test as the presence of ladies in higher expertise grades is as yet irrelevant in the RMG business.

In any case, we have the extension to transform the test into a promising circumstance on the off chance that we can set up our current ladies labor force with new abilities while refreshing our public educational plan for the cutting edge with information and abilities needed to confront the difficulties of 4IR and receive its rewards. We trust the subsequent stage of ladies taking initiative beginnings from this industry and we are making an honest effort to establish a helpful climate.

With that intend to further develop abilities for laborers, particularly ladies, BGMEA is setting up a middle for usefulness and advancement. The middle will assist with fostering the business to adjust to the difficulties of 4IR, and ladies will be at the front line.

We are attempting to set out advanced education freedom for young ladies working in article of clothing processing plants. Presently 60 youthful female laborers have taken a crack at the Asian University for Women to seek after higher investigations. While digitalization is inescapable, adjusting ladies to changes and empowering them through computerized education and abilities will instigate ladies’ cooperation in higher positions.

We have additionally occupied with discourse with other industry entertainers through BRAC’s STITCH for RMG Global Innovation Conference, as we accept that a multi-partner approach can profit our arrangements for what’s to come.

The suggestions from the meeting will shape the STITCH for RMG Global Innovation Challenge. We accept that exploring and developing advancements for our industry through such worldwide difficulties and contests can assist with boosting our intensity and strength.

The readymade piece of clothing industry is the vital driver of our economy through its commitment to GDP, trade income and generally critically creating work for a huge number of individuals. So without a doubt the intensity of this industry is essential for the food of our monetary development, and innovation will assume an indispensable part in such manner.

The vision for a Digital Bangladesh was shared by our Honorable Prime Minister Sheik Hasina is ending up being the distinct advantage for our country.

As we have a major vision for development later on, innovation will be an indispensable part for the following phase of our industrialization concerning supportability, intensity and making respectable business.

Our prosperity will rely primarily upon creating abilities and productivity for our kin, and making respectable positions for them. We can guarantee better jobs on the off chance that we can make better positions for them, and better positions can be made through upgrading abilities and worth of items. Innovative headway would be our new skyline of chances and we need to figure out how to stay up with it.

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