The ACC is looking for Tk 339 crore in Evaly

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is probing the e-commerce platform Evaly on charges of embezzlement and smuggling of Rs 338.62 crore in advance and merchant dues from customers.

The commission made the decision on Thursday. At the same time, a two-member investigation team has been tasked to look into the matter, said Muhammad Arif Sadeq, the agency’s deputy director (public relations).

The investigating officers are ACC Assistant Director Mamunur Rashid Chowdhury and Deputy Assistant Director Muhammad Shihab Salam.

Arif Sadeq told “The commission is already investigating a complaint about Evaly. Now, after receiving another new complaint from the Commerce Ministry, it has been decided to investigate it through a two-member team from the Money Laundering Division. ”

Calling the Commerce Ministry’s complaint “specific”, the ACC official said, “As the complaint is specific, the investigation will now be speeded up.”

Mohammad Russell, managing director of, was called on his mobile phone to comment on the matter, but it was blocked.

Earlier, in a letter to the ACC chairman on July 4, the Commerce Ministry requested that action be taken to investigate allegations of financial irregularities against

A seven-page investigation report of Bangladesh Bank on the e-commerce company was also attached to the letter of the ministry.

The letter sent to the ACC said that at the request of the Ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh Bank conducted an investigation into Evaly and submitted a report.
Referring to the details of the report, the letter said, “As seen on March 14, the total assets of are 91 crore 69 lakh 42 thousand 648 taka (current assets 65 crore 17 lakh 83 thousand 736 taka) and the total liabilities are 406 crore 16 lakh 46 thousand 994. Money.

“On that date, the liability of the customer of is 213 crore 94 lakh 6 thousand 560 taka and the liability of the merchant is 179 crore 65 lakh 95 thousand 354 taka. After receiving 213 crore 94 lakh 8 thousand 560 taka in advance from the customer and 179 crore 85 lakh 95 lakh 95 thousand 354 taka from the merchant, the company is supposed to have at least 403 crore 80 lakh 1 thousand 914 taka in current assets. We have only 65 crore 17 lakh 83 thousand 736 rupees in assets.

The letter sent to the ACC further said, “With the current assets of, only 16.14 per cent customers will be able to deliver products or get refunds. It is not possible for the company to pay the dues of the remaining customers and merchants.

“Besides, no trace of Tk 338.62 crore has been received from customers and merchants. In this case, it seems that there is a possibility of embezzling 336 crore 82 lakh 18 thousand 17 taka taken from the customer and the merchant or taking it elsewhere illegally. ”

In the light of the report of Bangladesh Bank, the ACC was requested in the letter to take legal action if any financial irregularities were found after investigating against Evaly.

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