Reset the NAGAD PIN manually

Due to the adoption of many digital services, the customer now has to remember several PINs. As a result, it is now very common to forget the PIN. The customer has to follow certain steps to reset the ‘Cash’ PIN. First the customer has to dial * 16 # from his mobile. There, the customer will get the option to reset the PIN at number 7. If you go to the next step by pressing, you will get two options to forget the pin and change the pin in the 1st and 2nd position.

In case of forgetting the PIN, you have to go to the next step by pressing 1 and give the national identity card number. At this stage the customer will get a message for confirmation from ‘Cash’, then the customer has to enter his own year of birth in four digits. The customer will then be asked if he has made any transactions in the last 90 days or three months. If the customer has made a transaction, then the customer has to confirm what kind of transaction he has made from the options. In the next step, the customer has to specify the amount of his last transaction. The PIN of a customer’s ‘cash’ account will be reset as soon as the transaction amount is specified correctly.

In addition, the ‘cash’ customer can change the PIN of his wallet automatically if he wants. In that case a customer has to enter the ‘cash’ wallet through USSD and choose the option to change the PIN and provide the current PIN. He then has to assign a new PIN and the PIN of the customer’s ‘cash’ wallet will change as soon as he confirms the assigned new PIN.

‘More Profits in Domestic Cash’ As part of this campaign, ‘Cash’ has made its service easier for the customer. ‘Cash’ is bringing new innovations for customers through simple and safe technology so that no one has to suffer any kind of suffering. In setting the PIN, the customer has to make sure that the PIN numbers are four different numbers. PINs will not be set if the numbers are the same.
Tanvir A Mishuk, managing director of Cash, said, “We have been working on the issue of pin reset for some time now. Eventually the service became available to the people. Now ‘Cash’ customers can set or change their own account PIN even if they forget their PIN. If customers are a little aware and do not share their PIN with anyone, then no unpleasant incidents will happen. Because there is no technical advantage for anyone to enter ‘cash’ without a PIN.

‘Cash’ never asks a customer for a four-digit secret PIN or a six-digit OTP. Even if a fraudster calls for a PIN, in no case should the customer reveal his confidential PIN and OTP to anyone.

With this newly added facility, a customer can try to reset the PIN a maximum of five times in a row. If you make a mistake five times in a row, the customer’s PIN reset option will be blocked for four hours. After these four hours, the customer can reset or change the PIN of his account again. If you want to reset the PIN within four hours of the block, you have to call the Cash Call Center at 1817 or 096 096 1618 for help.

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