Off to the balances, a bet of 2.6 billion. Late only Basilicata and Puglia

Off to the sales season in most Italian regions. The national date has been set for Saturday 3 July, but there are those who have decided to take advantage. as did Sicily, where the summer sales began on Thursday 1 July, two days ahead of the national date. The choice of delaying its start, however, was made this year only in Puglia, from 24 July, and in Basilicata, from 2 August. A breath of fresh air for the world of commerce, heavily penalized by the Covid emergency and the lockdown periods.

A game of 2.6 billion: average expenditure of 171 euros per family

According to Confcommercio, this is a game worth 2.6 billion euros, which foresees an average cost of 171 euros for the typical family. And of 74 euros on average per person. More optimistic, however, is Fismo, the association of fashion trade companies adhering to Confesercenti, which on the basis of a survey carried out by Swg predicts an average expenditure of 285 euros per family, equal to 124 per person, with a strong polarization : one in three Italians will be held under 100 euros, while 20% will spend more than 200 euros. In any case, we are still below the pre-covid levels of the 2019 season.

Strong competition from e-commerce

Consumer associations are more cautious. “Good discounts, clearly up compared to those of this winter, even if lower than the record ones recorded last summer,” says the UNC. “Sales started immediately with record discounts of up to -50%”, but the estimates of the traders’ associations appear “excessively optimistic”, according to Codacons, which refers to Confesercenti’s forecasts, highlighting the competition from e-commerce and the decrease in number of foreign tourists present in our country, in addition to the economic uncertainties of families generated by the Covid crisis.

Trefiletti: “Disappointing forecasts”

Instead, Rosario Trefiletti, secretary of the Italian Consumer justify, is disheartened. «This season will disappoint a lot those who expect a recovery in expenses and consumption and for many and different reasons. Starting with the balances for which, through our North-justify-South sample, we do not foresee that above the 33% percentage can be involved with a core expenditure of about 130 euros equal to a total of about 1.1 billion of Euro. We will have to wait a little longer to see signs of recovery, unfortunately ». In recent months, he also stresses, “due to the bankruptcy and closure of many businesses and in any case due to their crisis, many products have been sold through various promotions, and more and more these sales have occurred and are still taking place online. “.

Viafora (Federconsumatori): “Purchases will be contained, the crisis weighs on”

From the crisis situation we see around, we believe that the purchases of Italians for sales, online and in physical stores, will be limited this year. And we renew the invitation to consumers to be careful in their purchases ”, says Emilio Viafora, president of Federconsumatori. «It is important – he explains – to pay attention to maximum reductions, because it could be warehouse stocks. It is always good to compare with previous prices. And be wary of those who do not allow the garments to be tried on or do not give the possibility of exchanging goods or returning goods ».

Soft start in Naples

On the first day of sales in Naples, no line in front of the shops. In the shopping streets, Saturday mornings passed quietly, even though with the passing of the hours the number of people on the streets and in the shops increased. There is optimism among the exhibitors even if – they say – “it will be difficult to recover what has been lost due to the long periods of closure imposed by the anti-covid rules”. Sales that have started in many cases with discounts between 30 and 50%, but there are also those who already offer 70%. Among the potential buyers, few have given themselves a spending budget who knows how to invest in purchases of balances. The general orientation is to go “in search of the opportunity”.

Lively start in Tuscany

A lively start, with many people walking around the shops. Almost surprisingly, many colleagues throughout Tuscany report a larger presence of foreign tourists than one might have thought on the eve. There are still no ‘high spenders’ from overseas or the East, but Northern Europeans are contributing at least 20% to the first-day sales of summer discounts. A percentage also found in smaller villages, which obviously rises in cities with a higher tourist vocation such as Florence or Lucca ”, says Paolo Mantovani, Federmoda president of Confcommercio Toscana, commenting on the first hours of the start of the sales. “Then the phenomenon of ‘welders’ returned, which had faded in the last year and a half: customers who have specialized in the discounted purchase of basic garments to be exploited all year round, such as sweatshirts, shirts

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