Nagad now facilitating Visa credit card bills

Nagad has begun a Visa credit card bill-payment service, where customers will not have to worry about any late payment fee, and allow them to receive an instant cashback of up to Tk300.

Recently, the mobile-financial-service of the Postal Department launched a campaign called “Deshi Nagad-e, Beshi Labh”. Under this campaign, Nagad has been providing various innovative solutions to ease the digital lives of customers, said a press release.

For more information on Visa credit card bill payment, customers can call Nagad on 16167 or 09609617167.

Using Nagad, customers can pay off any amount of their Visa credit card bill anytime, anywhere, and only 1% of the amount will be charged as part of their bill.

However, users can enjoy up to Tk300 instant cash-back on their first bill-payment through Nagad, until August 31 later this year.

In order to process your bill-payment on Nagad, users must log in on the Nagad app and select the “Bill Pay” option.

They must then choose the “Visa Credit Card Bill Pay” option and enter their card number and bill amount, inserting these two values again, for confirmation.

By using their Personal Identification Number (PIN), they can complete the payment.

Customers can opt to get a receipt of their money deposit. It may take up to three working days to update the bill-payment.

Nagad enables its customers to use the facility for Visa credit cards that are issued by any commercial bank in the country. In case any mistakes are made when paying the bill, customers must contact the issuer bank immediately.

Speaking about the service, Tanvir A Mishuk, managing director and co-founder of Nagad, said: “Our goal is to develop a successful digital ecosystem for the country, ensuring digital payment. Nagad is offering various cash-back offers and other facilities to expand digital services.”

Nagad also allows consumers to pay using their Visa and MasterCard, as introduced earlier.
12. Cash declares that,

A) A representative of cash or cash can ask you for a 4 digit credit card number just in case of email, ticketing or paper notes (if required). Also, under no circumstances should you share your full credit card number with anyone

B) No cash or cash representative will ever ask you for an OTP or PIN for a cash account or credit card and will not ask you to make any transaction.

C) No cash representative will ask you to send money to anyone else, if you are cheated by sending money to someone then his responsibility is entirely on you

D) You will be contacted only from 16167 or 096 096 16167. Call 16167 or 096 096 16167 to confirm any confusion in cash payment during this offer. Cash will not be liable for any loss to you through any third party even after the above declarations

E) The credit card bill will be sent to the credit card management of the concerned bank for payment and the payment will be updated within 3 (three) working days. But if you pay the credit card bill in cash at the last minute and the delay fee is penalized, the matter will be reported to the concerned bank for correction.

F) Visa credit card bill cannot be verified through cash app, only Visa credit card bill can be paid. In case of bill payment, if the money is sent to the wrong card number, the credit card issuing bank will correct it. For example, if you forget to pay Rs. 500 card bill and pay Rs. 5,000, you have to inform the concerned bank issuing the card

G) In case of any dispute regarding this service, call the cash hotline number (16167 or 096 096 16167).

H) Details of this offer will be written in both Bengali and English. If there is any disagreement between Bengali and English then English language will prevail

Customers can conveniently send money, pay for mobile recharges, pay utility bills, buy products online, pay merchants and various institutions, pay the tuition fees of educational institutions, as well as their online registration fees. Not to mention, they can also pay to have the Covid test.

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