Apathetic cash is amassing in the bank

The individuals who routinely do a ton of shopping and shopping have held their spending under control. Ostracizes are sending adequate measure of settlements or exile pay. Bangladesh Bank is purchasing the dollars sent by them from the banks. Conversely, giving money. Consequently, the measure of money kept in banks is expanding. Albeit the financing cost on stores is low, all the cash is being kept in various banks.

In any case, in the current Corona circumstance, the banks are not dispensing a lot of credits outside the public authority motivators. Since, brokers are not going for new speculations. They are hanging tight for the ideal opportunity. Therefore, the measure of apathetic liquidity in the banks is expanding.

Banks are currently attempting to take care of the expense of stores by putting the cash in different government bonds and obligations of different banks. Nonetheless, it’s anything but ready to contribute there according to the interest. Because of absence of interest for advances, numerous banks have decreased financing costs on advances to 6 percent. Nonetheless, to lessen the financing cost, Bangladesh Bank fixed the loan cost on the credit at a limit of 9%. Also, numerous banks have decreased financing costs on credits just as store loan fees by more than two percent. This has made it hard for investors who are subject to revenue pay to meet their costs. Banks are likewise struggling overseeing liquidity.

Financiers say Corona has made a spilling over liquidity circumstance in the financial area. This means that the economy is easing back down. This could contrarily affect the economy over the long haul.

On the off chance that you need to know the overseeing head of Dutch-Bangla Bank (MD) Abul Kashem. Shirin said in the principal light, the present circumstance won’t be correct except if the interest on the planet increments. Just when the interest increments will there be new activities, new advances will be dispensed. Then, at that point the interest on the store will likewise increment.

Generally speaking, banks are needed to keep 16% of the client’s store in the national bank as CRR (cash store) and SLR (legal store). Banks can loan the remainder of the cash. On account of Islamic banks, the rate is 9.5 percent.

It is discovered that toward the finish of last April, the banks had an abundance liquidity of Tk 2 lakh 1 thousand 547 crore. They have contributed a huge part of that cash in government bonds and other banks’ unending bonds. And still, after all that, they have a liquidity of 40-45 thousand crore rupees. In June last year, the liquidity in the financial area was 1 lakh 39 thousand 57 crore. In the mean time, the public authority isn’t collecting more cash through securities as more interest side investment funds endorsements are being sold. For this, apathetic cash is lying in the banks.

Mirza Ilyas Uddin Ahmed, MD of Jamuna Bank, disclosed to Prothom Alo that the banks have isolated the great and terrible clients into various segments. Great client advances have decreased loan costs a ton. Once more, different banks are diminishing loan fees to get these clients. Because of this the loan cost on stores is diminishing. He said there is as yet an interest for credits, yet for terrible clients. So the bank isn’t facing the challenge of expanding the advance at the present time. Be that as it may, in the event that it proceeds with this way, one day these clients will get the advance.

Mirza Elias further said that there is cash in the bank, however nobody has left it. Regardless of whether they get under 1% premium, they have left it some place.

Financiers say there are a few clear explanations for such a circumstance. For instance, from one viewpoint, the pay of ostracizes is expanding, then again, imports are getting stale. There is a developing pattern among clients to decrease expenses and save. Obligation payment isn’t expanding as there are no new undertakings. Merchants are presently observing the circumstance and demanding keeping up with existing organizations. Again many are attempting to decrease the pressing factor by reimbursing old liabilities with motivating force credits.

It is discovered that the exiles have sent more settlements than any other time in the active 2020-2021 financial year. From July 1 last year to June 26 this year, exiles sent an aggregate of 2,456.90 million US dollars. In a similar time of the past monetary year 2019-20, they sent 1,603 crore 10 lakh dollars. It shows that the exile pay has expanded by 36% in one year.

Typically 50% of the ostracize pay going to the banks is gotten by the clients. The remainder of the cash is utilized by the banks in the import area. Just as each bank has a cutoff to keep dollars. In the event that it is more than that, it must be offered to Bangladesh Bank. Bangladesh Bank purchased ৪ 794 crore from banks in the active monetary year because of low import interest because of crown. Then again, Bangladesh Bank gave Tk 6,331 crore to the banks.

Among the private banks, Pubali Bank has an extra liquidity of Tk 6,606 crore, Dutch-Bangla Bank Tk 8,615 crore, Jamuna Bank Tk 3,017 crore, Bank Asia Tk 2,063 crore and Eastern Bank Tk 2,021 crore. Was.

The MD of Dutch-Bangla Bank said, ‘Liquidity the executives has become troublesome at this point. So we have stressed on SME and retail credits. The interest for these credits is expanding. Then, at that point I am giving a credit to a decent corporate client. The remainder of the cash we are spending on bills and bonds. In any case, regardless of whether you need, you can’t get the ideal bill-bond. Then, at that point we are loaning cash to another bank (arrangement), else we are going through it available to come in to work cash. ‘

Among the state-claimed banks, there was an extra liquidity of Tk 43,651 crore in Sonali, Tk 23,504 crore in Agrani and Tk 13,010 crore in Janata till last March. Islamic banks likewise had an extra liquidity of Tk 30,160 crore. The greater part of these were with Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL). Behind this are Shahjalal Islami and Al-Arafah Bank.

Pubali Bank MD Shafiul Alam Khan Chowdhury said, ‘The bank has great liquidity. Be that as it may, we are not simply leaving the cash. I’m putting resources into government bonds. I’m likewise purchasing bonds from different banks. We are attempting to build the expense of the store, “he said, adding that the loan fee on the store is a lot of lower as of now. This is denying the investors. Banks are offering advances. Interest for this claim to fame has developed fundamentally because of late corporate outrages.

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